Create and Collaborate with Real-Time Quality Control

An easy-to-use collaboration tool that empowers communicators and marketers to confidently, efficiently create “brand-sure” visual content that looks and performs better.

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The only image creation platform that effortlessly brings together three critical capabilities

Store, search, and share content

Robust Digital Asset Manager

Securely store, search and share digital assets and graphic metadata in a single location


Store, search, and share content

Create customized, searchable asset libraries

Quickly find source files or file owners

Control visibility and usage rights of assets and projects

Store, search, and share content

Real-Time Quality Control

Customizable visual identity ‘guardrails’ and user permissions are always protecting the integrity of your visual content and brand


Store, search, and share content

Digitally connect brand guidelines and visual assets

Supports any communications channel that uses imagery

Link permissions and licenses to source files

Store, search, and share content

Advanced Design Canvas

Advanced, intuitive design tool so users can quickly adapt materials for their own channels


Store, search, and share content

Functionality for all design-skill levels — from none to advanced

Pre-programmed for quick adaption to multiple formats

Accessible from web browser

George Abraham joins Inkbench® as CEO

Inkbench Inc., announced that George Abraham has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. He had been serving as a startup consultant to the enterprise SaaS company since the summer of 2018.


Inkbench Delivers Results:

Store, search and share files, images and graphic metadata in a secure place.

Protect your brand with consistent messaging, core imagery, and visual identity that is locked-in.

Design visual communications materials for use across multiple channels and sizes.

Control all your visual content from assets to campaigns in one place, any file type.

Simplify Content Process and Protect Your Brand — Every Day

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Increased demands to publish more branded content creates time, budget and risk pressures.

Keeping track of all those digital assets can be challenging, and costly.

Efforts are often duplicated.

The Inkbench Solution:

Quality Control

Improve your team’s capability to brand every digital asset and brand it correctly

Improved Performance

Put your visual content strategy into action and set your team up to drive better results

Better Teamwork

Work together seamlessly across departments, sites and external vendors

Ease Of Use

Effortlessly create, edit and output branded digital assets at all skill levels

Reduced Costs

Refocus creative agencies on high-value creative tasks and reduce costs


Streamline and speed up visual content design and management processes


Configure customizable system to your enterprise and brand requirements

Fast Adoption

Simple self-administration and no need for complex training or change management

Flexible, Secure Cloud-Based Platform Scales to Any Size Organization

Can grow as its use grows — no limits on number of users, projects and assets.

What our subscribers are saying about Inkbench…

      I hate the back and forth with the agency on Twitter quote cards when you’re in the middle of the sales and earnings prep crunch. With Inkbench, I no longer have to deal with that frustration. Now we have the control and can move faster. Yes!”

— Michael Blash, Vice President,
Communications, The Medicines Company

Who’s using Inkbench?

Medicines Company
Mental Floss
Novo Nordisk
SPI Group

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